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Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

Ruby on Rails Developer di Pegasus FT Solution Pte. Ltd Bandung - Lowongan Kerja

We are RPS, a child project of Pegasus FTS Singapore. We're assembling a team of Ruby on Rails developers to join our team, building specific B2B platform in Asia. We work in lean principles, and we value rapid deployment. We believe that work and life should definitely best buddies, and we oppose cold and rigid corporate structure.

Job Description

You'll learn how to build full-fledged business platform on gaming industry that hande tons of transactions, couple thousands concurrent requests, and bunch of other interesting stuff. Of course besides breaking stuff in our experiment week.

Among of many things, you will dive into the world of Ruby and RoR, Sass, Haml, Heroku/AWS, Chef, Tinfoil, Blower, Postgres, and tons of interesting tech to build a B2B platform.

You'll be part of our core development team, responsible for creating, maintaining modules and features on our platform. On top of that, you will also need to come up with a new feature / function, and help us eliminate mundane, boring task by ingeniously automate it.

You'll have two path options : to be trained in multiple skills, making you a knowledgeable full-stack dev, or to be trained in a very technical specific, making you a subject-matter-expert. Your choice.

  • Minimum 2 years of professional programming experience using Ruby on Rails
  • Non-verbal english communication minimum
  • A good understanding and hands-on on Postgres
  • Unwavering belief that writing tests is essential for sane development
  • A reason that you can’t live without source code management (Git / Mercurial)
  • Basic understanding of Bootstrap
  • Experienced / challenges of running web application scale
  • Passion for the beauty of intricate design and/or complexity
  • A tremendous amount of willpower and coolness
  • Competitive salary
  • Training and development program
  • Career advancement based on competencies
  • Lively, cool office in Bandung
  • Comprehensive benefits package including medical coverage and 401K
  • Mastery : we’ll guide you to hone your skills
  • Autonomy : we set the goal, you choose the best way to get there
  • Purpose : we don’t want you to be dull, we want to challenge you